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Your permanent weight loss journey... made virtual.

It's all about the data...we perform cutting-edge metabolic analysis to build a personalized program for each patient; you'll receive not only a full report with consultation with the doctor, but also dozens of recipes and workouts constructed specific for your metabolism to optimize your progress! Join our 100% virtual weight loss program and receive daily support and communication alongside remote monitoring tools - your hardware and software to keep! (800)-735-2281

You'll never know where the starting line or the finish line are without data; We capture critical data from Day One all the way through to goal to make sure we are on track 100% of the time, and can course-correct when necessary without delay!

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Teresa White

“I've tried countless programs before and Compass Total Wellness is the only one that helped me achieve my weight loss goals. - and more importantly, sustain them!”

Teresa White

Compass Total Wellness

Clinically supervised program.

Our program is designed and supervised by certified healthcare professionals to ensure safe weight loss.

“A totally unique blend of technology and human compassion...they truly care and helped me lose 80 pounds in 6 months and keep it off!”

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Sara Hamperson

Clinically supervised program

Use technology to monitor progress.

Our program integrates with remote monitoring devices and our proprietary app to track your progress and tailor your plan according to your needs.

“The accountability is key here - I have never been supported so consistently!”

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Alessio Vella

Use technology to monitor progress

Daily support and communication.

Our team of experts provides daily support and communication via the Compass Total Wellness app to keep you motivated and on track.

“Not only lost the weight, but eliminated a bunch of meds I was taking...way more than weight loss, this got me healthy again!”

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Olivia Dunne

Daily support and communication

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"The virtual aspect of Compass Total Wellness made it possible for me to fit the program into my busy schedule."

James Miles
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