About Us

Welcome to Compass Total Wellness! We are a clinically supervised weight loss program that is 100% virtual. We utilize remote monitoring devices and technology to follow our client's progress daily.

We believe in the power of support and communication in achieving weight loss goals. Our team is always ready to guide you and provide the necessary tools to ensure your journey is successful. We strive to make weight loss accessible and achievable for everyone, no matter where they are.

Trusted By Many

We are proud to be trusted by countless individuals on their weight loss journeys. Our virtual program has provided the necessary tools and support to help them achieve their goals


Compass Total Wellness operates globally, providing exceptional support and communication to help individuals on their weight loss journey. Our team of health professionals works tirelessly, providing exceptional service to our clients no matter where they are.


Compass Total Wellness was founded by a group of health professionals who recognized the need for a more accessible and efficient weight loss program. Our team is passionate about health and wellness, and we strive to make our virtual weight loss program the best in the market.